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Emiri Momota is a beautiful girl with a style that is close to the best. Today, she wants to have sex and she can’t help it. From the very beginning, Emiri is in the mood to have sex and wants to have a cock. I just gave her a cock toy and she couldn’t stop sucking on it. She’s so excited just by imagining it, that when a man approaches her, she’ll feel it even if he touches her just a little bit, as if she’s in a full body sexual zone. Her body is as well proportioned as ever, and the man’s tongue is all over it. She feels so much that she’s almost in a trance, and we both shake our hips as we insert ourselves into Emiri, and her face is so cute and dirty as she fucks us over and over while we’re doing it… Anyway, a must see!

Emiri Momota

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The Story of Awamahime

Nene Sakura, with her H-cup and chubby body, has an erotic face and a sweet voice, and she dresses up as a bubbly girl to serve her customers. She uses her H-cup to its fullest and slurps and slurps with her bubbly body. With her H-cups in full operation, she uses her bubbly body to slurp and slurp.

Nene Sakura

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